Bag work and some news

Very busy lately, and of course as I haven't updated this blog in a while. I finally found a little bit of time around my busy 8-5 job, my side projects and my Muay Thai training.

Talking about Muay Thai, I did a few video tests to see if I can incorporate some video elements in one of my project. And what better than a bag work to test things out! Shout out to my buddy Rick who's in the video with me.

Yours truly working that bag!

Rick and I working thoses kicks!

As you can notice, the video frame rate of my phone isn't the greatest, but that’s why we do tests! Well that's all the time I had today. The good news is the less I post articles, the more I work on different stuff. Until next time!

Update: Did another test with Rick, here's the less boring bit :)

Some light technical sparring

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