Beedoo and friends, OrganicJS, and starEngine news

Lots of stuff going on which leaves very little time to write for this blog, but I finally got a few hours to write something. So what’s new? Well, nothing and everything.

The globules project has seen his framework enhanced in the last couples of days and I will soon update again the documentation but this time with more tutorials and examples. Of course it’s not ready yet. You could check out a few features / sneak peek of the framework by checking out the Youtube channel here. Basically, OrganicJS a framework for Cordova, to make mobile apps in no time. I’m currently test driving it with a few apps I’m building. I should be done soon but everything always takes more time than originally planned, look at StarEngine!

Talking about StarEngine, you know that what has delayed forever StarEngine is in fact the Globules project which is, in part, the future back end of the game engine. The Javascript framework for mobile will be sort of the container for StarEngine. I know, I could have simply worked on the game engine and it would have been done by now. But like I said before, I need this for other projects and the StarEngine is still in my list and I’m hoping to get to work on it again very soon, for that app that I’ve had in mind for a long time! It’s been more than a year now since I could really sit down and work on it.

I started another YT channel named Beedoo and Friends, which is a cat you tube channel where I post videos of Beedoo (my cat) and my friends’ cats. You can check it out here. I already have the feeling that I won’t be able to spend too much time on this as well!!

That’s it for now!

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