Crashing Tides

Spring has seen me super focused on finishing OGX.JS, with which again I built a bunch of apps to finish fine tuning some aspects of it. It has come a long way and OGX.JS is almost ready and already an awesome tool to build applications with. It was well worth almost 5 years of work with probably up to 2 years full time on it.

It is so good that it even has the ability to skew people’s perception of reality. You see, with this tool, I have rendered the very complicated easy, so easy that people actually think that a summer intern could do my job.

Mission completed. Total success. This is what a good framework should do.

Now there could be somewhat clever people who understand my greatness and be very scared by it, I know it, I’ve paid the price many a times already, and I’d rather honestly have that, which you could see as a compliment, instead of people too dumb to catch what I am accomplishing, and just coming to the previous conclusion: it you went that fast, then it is way easier than people say and you don’t really deserve any recognition.

Thankfully for me, I always know which side of the coin I’m getting with those dead-giveaways. Please, never stop branding yourself as a total idiot with your nose rings and tattoos. It makes my life way easier as I know from minute one what to expect.

And then from this point on, it is just a matter of time. See, dumb people are over confidant, it comes with it, and I am baffled by it every day. That’s what it does, when you’re too dumb to grasp the depth of things, then nothing has any depth and thus, everything is just at the surface, and then, from your pea brain point of view, there is nothing you don’t know, hence the overconfidence.

And that confidence can take many forms, such as not reading or only very partially because you are too fucking kick ass for that, and then set a bunch of rules and directions based on very poor understanding. Practically speaking, it crashes any project. That’s what people do around me. They crash shit because they cannot swallow that someone might know better, and then they lead this competition where it’s never about the project anymore, but preventing their reality to crash as well under the depth of me. Everything then becomes a desperate attempt to not be redefined by my passage.

Other nasty sides of being as great as I am is people trying to steal from you day in day out, and I am currently living this through Rollers, my BJJ project, which some people in Europe are desperately trying to clone, just as I lived it previously in life and still saw recently people putting their name on the very work I did 20 years ago.

We are talking professional portfolio’s here from grown ass men.

I’m trying to grow with this, in the sense that, I have been very frustrated by this for many years and am now trying to become more of a philosopher. I realize more and more the smallness of people, their lack of intellect, depth and creativity. They are soul starving and at some point, I got to let them eat my crumbs.

I am great and good, but do not be mistaken, I do not take disrespect, which more often than not, comes from you thinking you get these crumbs for free. You actually don’t. If you eat behind me, you are behind me, not in front. Don’t you ever try to eat the crust of my pie that I haven’t had first.

That’s what MMA did to me. After a slow start compared to others, I then realized I was faster, stronger and more agile. I wasn’t worse than anybody else then I started, I was just honest with it. People don’t want to be seen in the beginner class, so most if not all of them, moved on to the regular class after 2 classes. I Stayed 3 weeks at that level because I really wanted to grasp the technic perfectly and knew this was the key to then become better. Strong foundations resist strong winds. I also didn’t inject any bad habit in my movements compared to others.

The result was that one guy who started well after me and ended up in the fighter class and got very proud to parade around the gym in the red shorts (reserved to fighters), while I was still in the regular/advanced class. Until sparring day, where I touched him with all my shots and he didn’t touch me once. He didn’t come back to the gym after that day.

That man tried to define a reality that was none, simply by pure overconfidence due to his lack of depth. He ended up redefined from fighter to beginner. That’s what it does if you are lying to yourself and do not put the hours necessary to actually be good at anything, or that your understanding of things is so poor that you do not catch how far you are from the real thing.

To quote a line from “The Founder”, there are a multitude of talented people out there but talent alone doesn’t do it. It is dedication and hard work on top of talent that make you go somewhere. Dedication and hard work come with the notion that you are shit, and that you are trying to redefine yourself as less shitty. It’s a bottom-up process that most people handle top-down, which will always give you a lesser appreciation of yourself as you meet a bottom-up like me. My path is just crossing yours as I go up and you go down.

At this point you do have a choice though. Recognize a stronger and faster moving vehicle and jump on board, full fed, or go for a full-frontal collision with me and your paper made car.

Now I’m still cruising on my way up with a revisited project that I had left aside for the winter, and eager to see if the people I’m hopeful to meet have their compass well adjusted, ready to sit back, relax and enjoy my ride.

Till next time.

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