Rollers and Fall Update

So, since I dropped the ball on the summer update, let’s go straight to the fall update!

First things first, Beedoo turned 10 this summer and he had a bunch of close calls and visits to the vet. He’s ok now but it was a good reminder that him and I are both getting older. It also couldn’t have happened at a worst time for me, which had me sacrifice a few things for my furry friend.

Beedoo always fucking shit up on my desk

This might have slowed me down for a bit but I was able to deliver a new product, under the KruBoss brand, made exclusively for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. KruBoss Rollers is the one stop app for all BJJ enthusiasts! The system gathers about 2000 BJJ establishment altogether across North America, gyms that you can join as a practitioner or claim as a business owner.

Once the establishment has been claimed and verified, owners can open their gym with the open mat program, for which users can buy tokens to spend as a drop in. You can also meet new “Rollers” (BJJ people) around you, find new gyms, chat, roll, and do a whole lot of things. It is somewhat interfaced with Facebook (for the login only) so you don’t have to recreate yet another account, and of course, it is 100% made with OGX.JS, my in-house framework. All payments are handled by Stripe and the SMS verification via Twilio.

Yet another good example of how powerful my whole architecture is, to be able to build from scratch such a product under 3 months. That product also as an admin companion that manages a bunch of robots to crawl and gather new gyms to show on the map.

If you want to check this app out, go to the KruBoss website then click the links to the app stores (USA & Canada only for now).

Then I did some work on the Tree component of OGX.JS and since I wanted to test it out in production, I re-did my old password encryption app “cStash” with it and renamed it “pStash”. The tree itself is re-organizable via touch drag and drop. The app hasn’t changed much in the aspect that it is an encryption app. If you want to check it out, head out over to the Apple app store or the Google play store.

Then I got super busy with a new project.

Since the legalization of cannabis here in Canada, there is a huge new market open for business and everybody wants a piece of it, including me. But you know me, the only way that I can accept money is by trading it against something with actual value, which I believe I built again. So again, I identified a need or a problem, then built a suite of products to tackle the issues.

Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I present to you BudTracker, a complete suite of digital products to run a cannabis delivery service. The product is mainly composed of a driver app and an admin console, where a dispatcher orchestrates deliveries by tracking them live on a map and assigning them to drivers. Of course, it was all made with OGX.JS (which now supports ChromeOS) and’s back end in record time.

Budtracker ChromeOS app and iOS/Android client

A more complete description will come out soon when I fully register this business via a website but for now it’s working, people are using it. So, time to bounce again and start yet another project!

This time, this new health oriented venture I’m working on right now is somewhat close to what I did for KruBoss with the connected BLE hardware but it involves more people and is a bigger project in general. I am not sure how this one will go down, it is too early to say. I also at this time cannot reveal the name of the entity behind this project but this can possibly become a huge thing, including the use of StarEngine (which would be a good excuse to land back on it).

As always, time will tell and it’s pretty much all the time I had today!

Im into christian country rock lately, deal with it!

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