Farewell Toronto

Time to turn yet another page and chapter of my life, maybe the last one of my true youth and I’m very fine with it. Toronto has done his job on me, there is nothing I can get out of it anymore, so it is time to move and reflect upon the last 51/2 years of my life.

I think this is the place where I changed the most, which is funny because coming from Europe, you would think that I would say, spending 12 years in Quebec would have changed me the most. But I guess it is heavily related to the size of the city and the type of business going on here.

It is also the place where I fell in love with Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which I believe has greatly participated in changing who I am and how I see things. But music had to die for this. It wasn’t so much of a choice as it left me itself, without much of my help. I’ve read about it a bunch of times before, people say they felt it leave and I definitely did feel it, in the weirdest of forms. The melody died and the instrument became very unappealing, which is bizarre when it was almost my everything at some point in time.

Later on, lust would fly out the window too. And this is probably the most liberating thing. As a man, I have hated many years of my life where I couldn’t invest myself properly into the things that I wanted to, always bugged out and taken off of my path by lust. It is finally bearable to go on with my day and I have way less issues anymore on focusing on the things that truly matter to me. Just like my projects, my new passions and my dear lifestyle that many don’t get but it’s ok, I’m not trying to convince anybody anymore. I’ve settled into myself.

I’ve made a few friends, and one good that I am truly thankful for and for whom I have much love for. You know who you are.

I really enjoyed the lakeshore, talking walks or rollerblading. The climate is nice, maybe a bit too much on the hot side for me. I’m a big fan of a 25°c day with a little wind, where I can do something and not sweat like a pig, and here it is more of a humid 40°C that melts me down. Winters are acceptable, in 6 winters, we’ve had 2 that were colder, but otherwise it was a very good contrast with Quebec.

I also enjoyed not being reminded every 2 minutes that I’m a Frenchman. Here I was just like everybody else, sort of, which again, was refreshing coming out of Quebec. Here, nobody cares about your accent. The ones that are interested in the French aspect are actually foreigners or Ontarians who learnt it at school and want to practice it. You would be surprised how many of them there are out there.

But Toronto also gave me a bunch of cold showers.

The housing crisis turned landlords into greedy little assholes and it is not doable anymore. What is the point of getting a 6-figure salary if you’re going to blow half on housing and another quarter to the revenue agency… It has turned plain stupid and the amount of money required to live a normal life in Toronto is now obscene compared to other cities in Canada. In the area I live in, it can go up to $2000 for a basement. Completely insane. Everything is overly expensive, like car insurance, hydro, food, gas, everything.

Driving is simply awful. First, the roads are total trash, I even broke a wheel on the highway and almost crashed because of a pothole. I believe there is an average of 52 accidents per day within the GTA. I can’t find the stat anymore so don’t quote me on this but the point is, it probably participates a lot in the car insurance pricing. Diversity brings diverse drivers from diverse parts of the world and the stereotypes have never been this true. Some people just can’t drive and are dangers for other commuters around them. Tip: you want to watch out for Lexus or Toyota SUVs.

The traffic system is also completely inadequate for the city. Left turns are impossible. If you are lucky enough to have a protected left turn, it might also have the pedestrian light… The result is that nobody turns left but one car or two on the yellow and red. And then you have streetcars that block the traffic even at a greenlight because you can’t pass a streetcar that has its door opened.

Driving to anywhere around the city takes hours. Commuting to work is pure hell. You can take the Go-Train to get to work but depending on your station, you might do the whole thing standing up. If you work at the other side of the city, you can take the private highway and pay outrageous fees to make your life a little less painful.

The whole downtown game really sucks. The financial drones and other suits, I just can’t stand. What a big bunch of nothing. Never have I met worthless people so confidant, even when they under deliver by a mile, if they even do deliver. Totally pathetic. The work place is infested by political bullshit and everybody tries to run the show without knowing what to do, it’s laughable. It’s like a theater play.

One of the worst part of the game in Toronto is probably everything around HR, mainly hiring and recruiting. There is a layer of skill-less people with the ability to talk some shit that try to position themselves between the worker and the company, mainly people coming from retail sales who act as improvised recruiters. Don’t fall for this disgusting game.

I also met a lot of disrespectful people including neighbors who made my life hell with their bullshit for many months and the whole thing leaded me to rethinking what was important for me in life and how I want to live it, and where I wanted to live it.

So, I’m gathering my stuff and will load a truck soon and will be headed a bit north, in a, most of the year, quiet place, with just enough season life to reconnect with civilization, just like the way I grew up.

My face at the new location

Once again, all in, so I can finish what I have started, that I had promised myself I would go to the end of, even if it kills me.

I know there is still a long road ahead but I feel it is just going to be easier once I can drop for good all the things that slow me down and suck the life out of me for no good reason. Most of my offering is ready, but I need to do reset my environment before I can really proceed. Right now, my production is almost down to 0% even if I’m still very productive in other ways, like by keeping my mind around the MMA scene and working hard at the gym. I’m still gathering a lot of insights that will really help to fine tune the business aspects of things. The software itself is on point I believe.

I’m also taking some time off of course to prepare my move but also to acquire more knowledge about BJJ, for which I will be launching a separate worldwide product within the upcoming weeks, which was a big part of the decision on the size of the internet pipe that will be connected to my new location.

My dear Beedoo is going to turn 10 this year and I hope the move won’t be too hard on him.

Later my dudes!

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