Happy New Year 2018

What a year 2017 was. I might call it the awaking year because I felt this is the year I have finally come to terms with the old image of me that wasn't suiting anymore the man I have become. This is still a bit hard to take for longtime friends and family who have a hard time remapping their idea of me onto the new me. They will eventually get used to it.

I finally realized that I am the most capable human being wherever I go, period. Even more, if I'm not in charge, nothing will happen or nothing will be done right. I've heard it all, seen all the games and I can tell you without any doubt that most, if not all, of the people I meet are incompetent and spend a crazy amount of energy to control the perception others would have of them.

But that's the thing, down the line, it takes more energy to fake it, than actually learning it. And once you know it, no games can undo that. So, I believe I have reached a momentum where no games can undo me anymore.

2017 wasn’t a great year for my dear pet/friend Beedoo who got really sick a bunch of times and had one close call. He’s back to normal now. So as per tradition, here is a picture of my little buddy who spends a little more time inside and a bit less time out.

2017 was also the year that I took care of my body and soul the most, by fixing old muscle and joints issues, and also by really putting the hours in the MMA thing. Now that I’m striking is on point after almost 4 years, time to move down to the mat! Hopefully I will stick to my guns as I usually do and I hope to post another picture next year with another belt color! Gotta start somewhere!!

That’s part of the new me, to try things and not giving too much shit about what people think of me. Because I might be a beginner right now and might look clumsy but as history repeats itself, I will probably start slow, then suddenly get it and then I’m unstoppable and put you all to sleep.

I never thought I would dig fighting that much or even be remotely as good as I am today. I never thought I had that good of a chin! Legs don’t drop but I need to get used of the pain now. This experience is the most enriching of my entire life without a doubt.

Now for 2018. Well, let’s call it right out. 2018 will be make or break for me. I am not returning to working for anybody ever when it comes to tech stuff, I’m done, can’t do that no more, can’t hold you people on top of me with my knowledge no more. I know it’s sad for you because I had made myself the best available tool all these years, convinced that there was another level to things, over the level I’m at, to realize I’m at the next level already and there is no other level. I might not make it but it doesn’t matter. I just want to give it a good last fight before I throw the towel.

So happy new year 2018 to family, friends and total strangers reading this blog.

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