Hat on, gloves off

Lots of stuff going on as usual, we’ve got a new open source project about databases, some new product that I’m about to sell, some other tech stuff here and there, and some resolutions, revolutions.

Since I moved away from SQL and use it less and less since about two years now in favor to MongoDB, and since it doesn’t really exist for mobile, well I thought why not create a clone that I can use with webviews. So, after a few hours of thinking about it in my sleep (that stuff wakes me up), I decided to see what I could come up with in an afternoon. It’s working pretty good. If you want to check out MongOGX, the JavaScript port for webviews of MongoDB, check out the repository here.

I got side tracked by this MongOGX project when I was actually working on the OGX.JS framework, precisely the List component which was the base inspiration. Here too, lots of work done on the framework because lots of apps done with it in parallel. I took some time to enhance the documentation and move it to github as well. Still a few components to write the doc for. You can check the OGX.JS wiki/documentation here.

One application I’ve developed with this whole stack is so awesome that I’m actually considering making it a full-time job. It sorts of coincide with the fact that I have decided to never let myself be the tool of another man, and this, for the rest of my life. Fuck man, I’d rather be me, kicking ass at everything I do and feeling in power and fine with shit and being who I am, than putting down my pants for another whipped dude who doesn’t get that there is another level to things.

Listen fellas, I’m glad you all decided to take the wife house baby route, convinced it was the right thing to do, but sorry to burst the bubble, some of us did not, and some of us decided to perfect their actual knowledge instead of perfecting their game. No matter how good of a player you are, if you fake it, you will get exposed one way or another, it’s just a matter of time. And these people really don’t get that there is another level to things, while battling to stay afloat at their current level.

So, salesman hat it is. And I’m actually pretty fine with this idea, you know why? Because selling awesome products is easy. It might actually be the easiest job of my life and without a doubt a whole lot easier than what I’ve done so far. What’s hard is to sell shitty products. You need some salesman of another caliber. That’s why everywhere I went, sales people were treated like gods, because they had the ability to sell terrible products.

Thankfully, I don’t build shit, I build kick ass clever and functional stuff that I actually use! See, people have the wrong idea. It’s either you spend the time needed to build something good, so good that it’s easy to sell and you don’t get the backlash from unsatisfied customers, or you build a shitty product, put together a huge sales team and get aggressive as fuck on the market. Then you got to invest that earned money into support, managing expectations and trying to build a better product from the hashes of your first digital turd. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I have seen somewhat successful companies built on polished turds, but I have also seen a lot of these companies becoming irrelevant instantly as a good product shows up later in the game. The whole getting early on things only works if you can turnover your electronic diarrhea into an actual top shelf product within 2 years, or my guy will get you, and by my guy I mean people like me. It is the absolute match up. The answer to the question: do you really need to sell a good product?

So, this is what I’m about to learn I guess, and I mean really learn you know, not like, playing with someone else toy, sheltered from taking anything really on a personal level, success or failure. More like, showing up ready to show your shit with your name and face on it to people that will judge the fuck out of, without care for your feelings and the huge amount of time it took to put it all together, for insignificant shit such as colors and shapes. No safe net. Raw. Straight to the face like an avalanche of punches and kicks.

I’m not ready.


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