KruBoss Drills and Bag Work

I've always been a pretty active guy fairly early, from skateboarding to snowboarding, surfing... but when I settled in the office job life, the only way for me to stay in shape was to join a gym. So, I joined back then the everyday-regular-joe gym which is mainly composed of machines and free weights with benches. I felt like I was doing something because it was sort of showing. I kept at it for a bit then grew very tired of the culture and the feeling of lifting weights. Then I joined a real gym, a garage gym.

I thought I was in pretty good shape until I realized I was not! It took me a lot of pick it up! One of the hardest drills I can think of is the stack of card drill. If you ever want to know if you're truly in shape install the iOS version or the Android version. You start the drill and have to do what is called at each and every card, until you can't take it anymore and tap again to stop the drill. The app then takes a screenshot and saves it into your photo gallery.

This drill for the non-initiated might sound totally insane but understand that this is a 10 minutes WARM UP drill in real gyms. You still have to go through a 50-minute class after that....

I also recorded some bag work again, to see my progression. So, while I'm hurt on the right side, I switched stance and worked southpaw mainly (I'm orthodox) for the tall bag work (kicks) and a bit of both side for the boxing range (short bag).

SouthPaw Bag Work while I’m healing my strong side

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