Niggle Pepper Cock Award 2018

We’ve got a lot of contenders for the first award of the year. They have been picked from the shit they brought to my life and has proven to be more of a roadblock than a smooth ride. Let’s get started.


I have been developing mobile applications with Cordova for about 5 or 6 years now and it’s never been that complicated and it never failed as much as it fails today. I believe the Cordova guys push packages without testing them. Indeed, even upgrading Cordova without changing anything will break your app, even if you didn’t upgrade the platform nor plugins. Pure nightmare. I spend more time trying to make Cordova run that my actual code.

Even out of the box, it doesn’t work. Cordova requires dependencies such as Gradle which came with Cordova at some point but since they decided to break everything to match the project structure of Android Studio and now you gotta install Gradle by hand.

On a side note, I really do not understand getting closer to Android studio. The whole point of Cordova is to build apps using plugins and NOT get knee deep in JAVA or SWIFT. But now Cordova wants hooks with Android Studio! Fucking dumb.


I’ve already wrote a rant a while back about and it has to be the worst package out there for many reasons. First of all, any upgrade will break everything. The API changes at every release and it is really hard to follow what’s going on. Node.JS is pretty insecure and makes no difference.

As a matter of fact, it is really easy to crash a server running by just brute forcing thousands of simultaneous connections, it is very prone to DDOS attacks. NodeJS is very insecure and almost impossible to secure. Best thing you can do is close the connection in the handler once the connection has been made. So, while this doesn’t crash anymore as a work around, you still have thousands of instantly reconnecting clients. Completely dumb.

Windows Server 2016

You would think a server OS would make its firewall stable and fast? Well, think again. For some reason, some guys at Microsoft decided it was a good idea to, first have that terrible firewall console, and then to have a firewall that takes forever to load rules if you have a bit more than usual.

I have about 200 additional rules to blow some countries and other ranges which works fine as long as I don’t reboot the server. If I do, the firewall will break, I will have to remove any rules within Regedit by hand, then restore the default rules and then finally add all my rules again either by hand or script.

Now you would think that Microsoft would have learnt from the industry and its previous mistakes but as it turns out, Microsoft isn’t listening to anyone, as usual. Which gives out a nice server OS that takes up to 20 minutes installing updates while rebooting, which renders the server useless. Microsoft, for fucks sake, can you ever build a server that can update without restarting for 20 minutes? Do you understand that a server machine needs to be running 99.99% of the time? I guess you still don’t get it.

Mac OSX High Sierra

I’ve written many rants about Apple already. Every time I think Apple can’t get any worst, it does. Apple rolled out High Sierra operating system which is a total bust. Finder crashing constantly, losing network access and even worst, crashing my router and local network as it attempts to download a file.

Of course, there is no easy way to roll back to a previous version of the OS without reinstalling the whole box. I have no idea why so many people jerk off to Apple, every time I work with the Mac, it crashes. I have literally nothing installed on my mac but Node.JS and Cordova.

I’ve contacted support, spent time with them to check out what I did, run so log capture utility with them, the whole shebang. And then nothing. Then I went on to install developers releases to try to fix my environment so I can work, but it is still way too buggy

I went to the forums to try to have my issue solved, to realized Apple edited my posts to remove what they didn’t like to read or let other people read. So I ended up copying files and never use the network to build anything, stay strictly local and it might work.


We all got screwed by Intel and its ties to government agencies. I think they did a pretty good job scrapping their name and left the way open for AMD, which I will highly consider at my next upgrade. I’ve had some AMD before, back when the Athlon craze was on. Then went back to Intel when they took back over the CPU market with more bang for the buck.

I could write a longer article making a parallel to Vault7 and that Intel knew all along, it was even requested by agencies but I don’t want this award to get tinfoiled so I’ll just leave it there.

And the winner is

Lots of competition for the 2nd installment of this award, it’s hard to pick a clear loser (winner). So, I’ll just go for which made me waste the most time and made my work harder if not impossible.

So here it, the first winner of the Nigel Pepper Cock award for 2018 is [drum roll]…

Apple for this atrocious shit of an OS they released which crippled my whole production pipeline for days.

The second Nigel Pepper Cock Award goes to Apple

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