RCP final, starEngine ongoing, mobile apps and more

A lot of work has been done lately and I am proud to finally have reached that milestone. RCP is now complete including its control panel and so I build a new app with it. It benefits from all the good and new features of RCP, such as Oauth2 and the front end framework. RCP is a work in progress name and will be changed very shortly as it is merged with one of my enterprises.

RCP can now generate any type of web and mobile application with all the security taken care off. It’s a breeze. This new application made with it was built in a matter of hours and communicates with the RCP backend to store and retrieve data. This application is in fact a BLE Bluetooth calibration and signal analysis tool; it is part of a suite of applications designed for BLE, but more about that very soon.

So here it is a quick video of this app that uses WEBGL for graphics rendering and as stated, RCP for all the rest.

Now that RCP is stable, I will be offering the service to build cross platform apps with the backend that comes with it. While the front end framework will be free to use, the API will only be available to clients. A new website is coming very soon about this service, with a new name, hopefully in a few days...

For those who were wondering about starEngine, it is still alive and the WEBGL version is almost complete. I am currently working on a web application to allow registered user to enjoy starEngine in both Adobe AIR and WEBGL flavors for free as long as you don’t make money with it, otherwise you will have to pay a subscription fee, this is the business model I have chosen for StarEngine. Now that RCP is complete, the web application will be a lot easier and faster to build, and again, hopefully something about it very soon...

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