StarEngine2D game editor and stand alone

Finally something new to show! I spent the last days working on this high efficiency 2D scrolling engine and I’ve reached the quality I was targeting. What’s awesome about this scrolling engine is that, of course it is camera based, but also, it can scroll at a speed superior to the tile size without missing a tile! And of course, diagonals are supported. It works on desktop and mobile. I will try to make a quick recording of its behavior on phones but I’ve tested it here and I can tell you it’s amazing.

So this engine will be used in two projects, the first one being the game editor application for StarEngine Isometric since I’ve moved the map editor from a web based application to a desktop application (working inside SIA), and the second, a stand-alone high speed 2D scrolling engine (top down or side scroller). I might push a bit further to implement parallax scrolling, we’ll see…

So here is a quick and dirty video of the engine in action. The ugly tiles are the ones I’ve used for The Starving Dead project, but it really doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that it is insanely fast!! Thanks for reading.

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